Press Release

Ierimonti Gallery presents Territory: Traces and Delimitations, a group exhibition featuring varied outlooks on the overarching themes of landscape, territory and geography spanning from Alberto Burri to Earthworks and Land Art to contemporary photography.

Territory can be imagined through disparate acceptations: a delimitation of space, of property, of belonging, an identifier of a location which is specifically thus and no other, a locus delimitated by the passing of the human. However one wishes to put it, it exists beyond the wills and whims of humanity.

Territory is a term which is loaded with a feeling of subservience to humanity, but this subservience is merely perceived. The territory of the mind, as seen in the creation of an imagined territory, is free of such subservience. A formation of pure material reality sits on the same plane as that of a naturally existing landscape, it simply is. Just as the canyon portrayed by Hugo Bastidas in Just Around the Bend, so is Alberto Burri’s Cretto. It is a documentation of truth, of being.

Territory as seen in the works on display is an identification of traces left by humanity but also recognised by humanity. Traveling and passing through a territory leaves a mark both on the traveler in the form of memory and on the territory which accommodates the journey. The geographical territory is impacted by the passing of natural phenomena and travelers, while earthworks or constructed landscapes mimic the impact of a passing human.

Territory: Traces and Delimitations will be held at Ierimonti Gallery, 55 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002 from November 19, 2017 - January 14, 2018.


Hugo Bastidas (Quito, Ecuador, August 18, 1955 - ) is an American painter. His black and white artworks, predominantly oil paintings, are of incredible precision and detail, often resembling photographs. His paintings, portraying natural and architectural forms, reference the environmental issues of the modern world, human society and art history.

Alberto Burri (Città di Castello, Italy, March 12, 1915 - Nice, France, February 13, 1995), was one of the greatest figures in 20th Century art. Burri worked as a doctor during WWII and upon his return he progressively abandoned medicine to become an artist. Burri was an anticipator of many artistic tendencies, which has seen him, sometimes erroneously, linked to various movements including Nouveau Réalisme and Arte Povera. His work is characterised by the precision of his surgical hand and the constant use of techniques and materials he became acquainted with in his medical profession during the war.

Mario Giacomelli (Senigallia, Italy, August 1, 1925 - Senigallia, Italy, November 25, 2000) was an Italian typographer and photographer, working predominantly in black and white. He produced various series of photographs inspired by literary works, and after meeting Alberto Burri, he began to include elements of Art Informel in his photography. Giacomelli was also included in multiple editions of the Venice Biennale




Guido Guidi (Cesena, Italy, January 1, 1941 - ) is a photographer and academic. His work has been exhibited in prestigious locations around the world, including the Centre Pompidou, Venice Biennale and the Whitney Museum of American Art. His photography often portrays urban and suburban locations of decay and neglect.

Michael Heizer (Berkeley, CA, USA, November 4, 1944 - ) is one of the pioneers of Earthworks and Land art. He continues to produce Land art, finally completing in 2012 a work he had attempted to build in 1969, Levitated Mass, for LACMA. His work also includes abstract painting and large-scale public sculptures.

Maya Lin (Athens, Ohio, October 5, 1959 - ) is a designer, architect and artist. Her work, incorporating land art, earthworks, sculptures and installation, often focuses on her environmental concerns. She is also known for her work designing historical memorials, creating a Vietnam Veterans Memorial for Washington, D.C. while still an undergraduate. 

Richard Long (Bristol, England, June 2, 1945 - ) is one of the pioneers of Land art. He was nominated four times for the Turner Prize and was finally awarded with the recognition in 1989. Long is most famous for his celebration of nature in his works created in the landscape or through the use of natural materials in the gallery.

Robert Morris (Kansas City, MO, USA, February 9, 1931 - ) is a conceptual artist, sculptor, writer, and installation artist. Morris was one of the theorists of minimalism, but his work has spanned various movements. Morris has made significant contributions to Land art, Body art and performance art.

Dennis Oppenheim (Electric City, WA, USA, September 6, 1938 - New York City, USA, January 21, 2011) created his art in various media, including performance, sculpture, photography and video, however, Oppenheim was a pioneer of Body art and Land art. In later life he made large public sculptures which often included architectural elements.