Press Release

Ierimonti Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Look Very Closely”, an exhibition featuring some of the most representative works of Marcel Duchamp and Gianfranco Baruchello.
Since the Sixties Gianfranco Baruchello has worked with different materials and a multidisciplinary approach, using a variety of media and techniques including drawings, writings and assemblage.

Objets trouvés and writings, images and words alphabets, archived and catalogued in personal collections with a Duchampian attitude (“I have set up an archive a rhyming book of the culture I have been using it now for quite some times objects men books hypotheses etiologies fables techniques scores electrical household appliances classified structures in perfect disorder”) are fundamental in Baruchello’s artistic project.







With his artistic vocabulary derived from prefab images catalogues belonging to the everyday universe, Baruchello creates miniature worlds where he suggests delicate mental associations. Duchamp used to say that his ambition was “to put painting once again at the service of the mind”: as for Baruchello images become thinkable, in an art that is no longer subject to the aesthetic beauty, but that is the beauty of indifference. The mental component is always accompanied by a thinner one, reminiscent of the subconscious in a multiplicity of meanings that are hidden in a work like the Large Glass. If Duchamp here highlights the refusal of the concept of retinal painting, with the readymade he takes the next step, elevating everyday objects to works of art. And through these subjects that are elevated to a work of art, Duchamp begins to make a series of short circuits of language, where the word begins to exist as a separate entity from its meaning.

The multiple identities and meanings of the artworks presented forces us to “look very closely”, as Duchamp used to say about Baruchello’s work. 

Opening reception: Wednesday, December 9th, 6-8 pm 

Press Preview: Tuesday, December 8th, 10am-12pm

For press images and inquiries please contact: 

Christian Piscitelli | Director

+1 212 581 1619