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Ierimonti Gallery is pleased to present “PixCell-Maria” by renowned Japanese artist Kohei Nawa. Nawa is one of the most popular contemporary artists in Japan, with a production ranging from sculptures to architectural projects, installations, and fashion.

The common thread in Kohei Nawa’s work is PixCell, term coined by connecting the words pixel, the smallest portion of a digital image, with cells. Images of chosen objects are digitalized and encapsulated in a layer of spheres; the same process is then applied to the physical piece by covering it with a layer of glass beads. While the glass beads create a different system of representation through matter, the various dimensions of the spheres create the effect of a lens and a unique, deep, and continuous view.

Buddhism and Japanese Shintoism intertwine in the artist's production, but it would be reductive to limit his references to these two philosophical doctrines. The work of Kohei Nawa is something more complex. The whole universe with its cells and cellular structures becomes vehicle of the artist’s expression.

Kohei Nawa was born in Kyoto (Japan) in 1975.He studied at the Kyoto City University of Art. In 1998 he moved to London to attend a sculpture course at the Royal College of Art. In 2009, with his team, he restored a sandwich factory in Kyoto and founded Sandwich, a place that besides hosting Nawa' studio, welcomes architects, designers, students, and artists from all over the world.

The artist's work is part of several collections including: Hara Museum, Tokyo / Japan; The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo / Japan; Mori  Art Museum, Tokyo / Japan; Takamatsu city museum of Art, Kagawa / Japan; Takenaka Corporation, Entrance Lobby, Tokyo / Japan Takamatsu City Museum, Kagawa / Japan; Toyosu Front, Tokyo / Japan; Shin-Marunouchi Building, Tokyo / Japan; Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo / Japan Toyota Art Collection, Aichi / Japan; Toyota Art Collection, Aichi / Japan; Yaguchino-watashi station, Tokyo/Japan; Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland / Australia; Ritz Carlton Kyoto, Kyoto / Japan; Franks – Suss Collection, London / UK; Pigozzi Collection, New York / USA;Daimler Chrysler Contemporary, Berlin / Germany; Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong; The Art Foundation, Kentucky / USA; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York / USA; National Gallery of Victoria, Melborne / Australia


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