Press Release

Ierimonti gallery is pleased to announce upcoming exhibition of the Chinese artist and businessman Gong Hao, located on Delancey Street at Lower East side in New York City.


Chinese Medicine will bring up to the audience's reflection the relationship between science and nature, and the treatment of the whole human body by comparing Chinese and Western Medicine. With the Chinese medicinal herbs, collected and parceled respecting the environment, a monumental dam sculpture was built – symbol of technology, science, conquest and interference of the human over the Nature. Artists collected the used Chinese herbal medicines for the purpose of environmental protection and regeneration, and process them into different particles to express the texture of the different materials of the dam, which characterizes both the opposing and unified philosophical relations and thinking.


The difference in origin, quality and proportion of Chinese herbal medicines will determine whether it is a good medicine or has a side effect, thus revealing the contradictory and complex relationship between science and nature – Chinese medicine is the regulation and treatment of the human body, and technology is the conquest and transformation of the nature.

In his work variety of materials are used, even ephemeral ones. With it, the artist is creating conversation, and a discourse on ecological issues addressed to the global community. Through demonstrations and travelling, Gong organizes intellectual groups that become followers of his ideas and beliefs.


The artist primarily lives and works in Beijing. Gong Hao is the founder of Shenzhen Bai Nian Zhi Xing within the Commonwealth Foundation. During the 30 years of economic reform and openness in China, Gong collaborated with many successful companies specializing in green energy and major infrastructure construction projects.


Gong Hao has exhibited in his home country before – Beijing, and most recently at M-O-D-U-S, the artistic event that is part of the Venice Biennale. There he also focused on the theme of nature and human interaction.



55 Delancey Street, New York, NY10002 – tel. +1 212 581 16 19