Press Release

Ierimonti Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Faraway, So Close”, a group exhibition that brings together eleven artists from different backgrounds united by their peculiar use of materials.

Wood, ceramic, plastic, fabric, and salt underline each artist’s unique research and use of media, almost creating an antithesis between the artworks. While we give importance to the medium and the physical object, we cannot avoid considering their conceptual value: through it, even imperfection, impurity, ugliness will be added to the classic standard of beauty, rising to the status of artistic expression. In this common vision we find a recurring element in means of artistic expression that would otherwise look distant at a first glance.

“If art was really something perfect, it would die”, said Joseph Beuys, in his famous lecture, Energy Plan for the Western Man (1974) at Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York: highlighting the limits of the world around us, the artist is able to elevate them into art, in complete contrast with life.

For press images and inquiries please contact: 

Christian Piscitelli | Director

+1 212 581 1619