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Press Release

Ierimonti Gallery is pleased to announce “Alighiero e Boetti: Insicuro Noncurante”, an exhibition focused on four key works essential in the production of Alighiero Boetti (1940-1994), an artist who has marked the past fifty years of modern art.

“Insicuro Noncurante” is an iconic artwork consisting of 81 numbered sheets produced from 1966 to 1975. The portfolio is considered to be the culmination of the work of the artist that reflects and bares, over 10 years, a constant flow of opposing ideas such as invention and manipulation, order and disorder, individuality and society, continuously overlapping.

“Tutto” (literally translated as “Everything”) is a large embroidered tapestry formed by a set of colorful cutouts visually composed, assembled, and arranged to fill the physical space that contains them. In “Tutto” our perceptual systems, our visions and our senses are challenged.

“Mappa” is a graphic representation of the world embroidered on linen canvas, where every country is identified through its geopolitical boundaries. In this series of works, made by Afghan craftswomen, the artist takes the road of profusion initiating a serial production. 


For me, the work on the embroidered maps achieved the highest form of beauty. For the finished work, I myself did nothing, in the sense that the world is as it is (I didn’t draw it) and the national flags are as they are (I didn’t design them). In short, I did absolutely nothing. What emerges from the work is the concept.

The last body of work is represented by a series of square format embroidered Arazzi of different sizes. Boetti’s typical Arazzi have their roots in medieval alchemy and esoteric studies of the Renaissance, from the magic word square of the Sator, up to the Sudoku, in a system apparently circumscribed, delimited, closed and static, but in constant motion.

In the concept of “Tutto”, in the Maps, in the Arazzi and in the works collected in the portfolio “Insicuro Noncurante”, one loses the definition between unique artworks and multiple ones. In Boetti’s artistic production, you can move toward a new reality, one that gives up disinterest and becomes self-referential at the same time, totally a stranger to itself, as if it would remark that very fine borderline which separates and has always separated himself, Alighiero and Boetti.

“I found a new system which suits to every reality. I don't make choices. This can also be considered as a great result, having the opportunity of not making any choices at all.”

A fully illustrated catalog will accompany the exhibition


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